Funeral homes sell funerals and cremation services for large sums of money.

The Catholic Burial Society

  • Simplifies what funeral homes make complicated.
  • Works with member families to personalize a meaningful tribute, and to remember a life well lived.
  • Offers much less expensive alternatives than the elaborate, high priced funeral home.
  • What we do for you, is more important than what we sell to you.

The Catholic Burial Society(CBS) is a privately owned burial and cremation society. We are not affiliated with, nor seek the endorsement of any cemetery, church or religious group. Our philosophy is for our professional CBS caregivers and counselors to provide the highest level of service to members.

Every state has regulatory requirements to which CBS strictly adheres. Licensed Funeral Directors are the only affiliates of CBS who may sell funeral or pre-need services to our member families. When representing a family, CBS will only deal with licensed funeral directors with respect to sales or funeral contracts as required by law.

Every member family will benefit from an Administrative Review.

It is our system of weighing checks and balances, working efficiently to guarantee a level of excellence. It is our trinity approach to member satisfaction that is integral to our succeeding in making clients happy with their decisions


Our CBS counselors are available 24 hours a day to listen carefully to our families' needs and wants. They exist to help families make informed and intelligent decisions. They are trained to provide information about every aspect of funerals and cremation, and are the direct link to the assigned funeral director for each case.

Counselors assist and advice on issues including cemetery, liturgy, music, flowers, obituaries and notices, scheduling, memorials, transportation and can answer any question you may have. Their primary responsibility is to be the Advocate for our client families, particularly when dealing with our affiliate funeral directors or homes.

Administrative staff:

Our office staff is responsible for all the administrative needs of our client families. Working alongside our counselors, we support members in many ways:

  • Social security, veterans, fraternal or insurance benefits
  • Living will registration program
  • Organ donation assistance
  • Hospice information
  • Obtaining original death certificate
  • Obtaining certified copies of certificate
  • Burial, Cremation and transportation permits

Our administrative staff deals with the contracted funeral directors to assure that all regulatory requirements are met, and that the contracted services are performed appropriately.






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*All funeral arrangements handled by, and contracted with a licensed funeral director only

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