The Catholic Burial Society insists upon a high quality, friendly service with the greatest regard to fair pricing.


•Removal from local hospital
•Preparation of deceased
     •Embalming and sanitization
     •Cosmetic and restorative application
     •Dressing and reposing
•Transfer of deceased to local Parish or church
•Public or private viewing before mass
•Traditional funeral mass in local Parish
•Transfer of remains to crematory
•Rental of cremation casket
•Urn for remains

•Removal from local hospital
•Professional care of deceased
• Transfer of remains to crematory
•Arrange and direct memorial mass
•Minimum cremation container
•Urn for remains

Immediate Cremation
•Removal from local hospital
•Transfer to crematory
•Minimum cremation container
•No additional services


*All prices exclude outside service costs.




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*All funeral arrangements handled by, and contracted with a licensed funeral director only

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